Entry Doors

Make Your Entry Doors Have Curb Appeal!

A lot of companies offer different styles of entry doors.  Here at Armortech Windows and Doors, we offer custom-made entry doors fabricated from fiberglass or iron.  Our entry door glass can also be fully customized by you, the customer.  This means you can design a specialty piece that you have been longing for.

We offer a broad range of entry door types ranging from single entry, double entry, or double entry with sidelights.  All of our entry doors are impact rated, meaning they are built to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Whether you are interested in fiberglass, or iron, let our highly knowledgeable sales team guide you in making the right purchase for your home.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Our Neuma, Plastpro and Therma Tru fiberglass entry doors are advantageous due to the material never warping, rotting, or rusting.  These types of doors are able to stand strong for decades.  While not as ornate as iron doors, fiberglass doors offer beauty and they reduce heat transfer, thereby helping to lower your energy costs.

Iron Entry Doors

Our entry doors made by Handcrafted Iron Doors can be quite eye-appealing, offering unparalleled style to your home.  Not only do they offer style, but they are extremely strong and very durable.  This insures they will last a lifetime and greatly increase the security of your home.  It is virtually impossible for people to break through an iron door.  While fiberglass doors offer a different means of security with their multi-lock systems, iron doors are the industry leader.

Entry Door Manufacturers

Energy & Safety

Fiberglass doors are very energy-efficient and do not transfer heat and cold like an iron door will.  If your goal is to greatly reduce your energy bill, having an iron door installed in an area that is subject to a lot of sun exposure is not the best fit.  In this case, a fiberglass door is the smartest option.  Allow one of our team members to help you properly assess your home’s entry way to be sure you make the correct choice.

See A Style You Like?

Here are some photos showing the types and styles of entry doors we have installed.

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