Why Choose Armortech for New Windows?

Who provides the best when it comes to impact rated and non-impact rated windows that will withstand the most severe hurricane?  It seems every window and door company these days promises to be the absolute best.  How true can this actually be?  While we all provide products designed and developed by the same manufacturers listed below, what sets each company apart is the experience a customer has.   What makes us shine brighter than the rest is that our product selection is coupled with a team of expert sales staff and installers that work directly for Armortech. We truly understand how each window is best suited for use.  We can help you transform your living space into one which offers you absolutely stunning views coupled with the best protection and energy savings.

Selecting new windows for your home is not just about measuring accurately for the proper fit.  It is about listening to our customers’ expectations, and then putting together a combination of windows that are sure to captivate.  We listen to our clients and provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Beautiful results are just one benefit of upgrading your windows.  Our team also has safety in mind.  We provide impact rated windows, non-impact rated windows, as well as windows that meet or exceed High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements as set forth by the State of Florida.

Impact Rated Windows

Impact windows, also referred to as hurricane windows, are designed with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass. This means the glass won’t shatter or be compromised by heavy winds.  Every impact-rated window is capable of remaining fully intact when hit by an object at high speed.  While the outside portion of the glass may shatter, the window structure remains intact while the inside of the home is still protected from all outside elements.

Non-Impact Rated Windows

Unlike impact rated windows, when an object impacts a non-impact window, it will break allowing wind to enter your home, which causes internal pressurization.  This unwanted pressure is what causes your roof to then become highly vulnerable.   In some areas of Florida you are not permitted to have non-impact rated windows so the choice is easy.  Since impact rated windows use double layered/laminated glass to prevent damage, it is often times the preferred choice over non-impact rated windows.

High Velocity Hurricane Zone

HVHZ stands for High Velocity Hurricane Zone.  This is a classification that determines what cities and states are more vulnerable to very high winds.  Certain areas of Florida, like Broward and Dade counties, are HVHZ zones where wind speeds can reach as high as 180MPH.  Because of this, it’s required that windows meet certain design pressures.  HVHZ requirements are not part of the Florida Building Code in any area outside of Broward and Dade county.  While HVHZ windows are not required in most of our service areas, Armortech does provide them when requested.


Energy Savings

The government requirement for energy-efficient windows means the windows must meet a certain criteria that are guaranteed to provide energy savings.  With new energy-efficient windows from Armortech, you could save you as much as 50% off your current energy expense. While most people assume this means your power bill is going to be reduced by 50%, what it actually means is a little more involved.  You can expect to save on your power bill, but only on the portion of energy used by your air conditioning system to keep your living space comfortable.

See A Style You Like?

Here are some photos showing the types and styles of windows we have installed.

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